Self-Inquiry Events with Tess Hughes

Self Inquiry group in Galway City, Thursdays 7-9pm For information on this weekly group meeting please mail me, as the venue has changed.

The Weekly Meetings cancelled until January 2015 due to the death of my husband.

TAT November Gathering 2014: Deeper Within. November 7-9, 2014.

Attend TAT November Gathering 2014: Deeper Within




   Om Happenings presents an afternoon with awakened teachers.

Join us on Saturday, November 15th from 12:30-6pm when Gary Weber, Tess Hughes, and Paul Constant will talk about their experiences of waking up to a state of oneness.  Gary Weber will present the latest scientific research on neuroscience and consciousness.  In addition, two local friends, Erica Bleznak and Judy Curiel, will share their personal awakening experiences. Gary Weber has a Ph.D. in physical sciences and has worked in national labs, industry, and academia in R&D and management. Simultaneously, after over 20,000 hours of self-inquiry, Zen and yoga, he experienced the falling away of the “I” and the loss of self-referential thoughts, desires and fears.  Since then, he has taught, authored two books, a blog and several articles, and made numerous videos, interviews, and presentations on non-duality, meditation and neuroscience at various conferences and universities.  He has been a subject and/or collaborator in cognitive neuroscience and meditation studies at Baumann Institute, IONS, CSNSC, Yale, and Johns Hopkins.

Tess Hughes Tess Hughes, born in Ireland in 1949, awakened to the Self or natural state following 33 years of consciously seeking to heal her life.  Her path was informed by the teachings of Christ, the Buddha, George Gurdjieff, Vedanta, Carl Jung and others.  With the help of her teacher she was able to synthesize and live the core of all these teachings until she was blessed with “the final realization”.  In Zen terms she found “the pearl beyond price”.  She now shares the teachings and activities which opened her to the possibility of this revelation and recognition of what all of us truly are.

“Tess Hughes is a truly wonderful teacher and a delight to listen to. If you are serious about your spiritual path and get a chance to attend one of her talks,

do yourself a favor and go.”  –  Bart Marshall

Paul Constant’s earliest inquisitive memory involving deeper meaning occurred as a child.  As a teen he began reading books by Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, and Ouspensky.  Real seeking began at the age of 22 when he first read Richard Rose’s book, The Albigen Papers.  He then met Richard Rose a short time later and for the next ten years he drastically changed Paul’s life.  In 2007, at the age of 47, Paul had a realization of –as he calls it- “One Awareness” which ended many of his questions and was the start of much more.  Ever since, his love for silence, whether sitting with friends or alone in meditation, grows deeper every day.

November 15th, 12:30-6pm

The New Leaf Club

1225 Montrose Avenue, Bryn Mawr, Pa.

To reserve your space, please email:

Suggested Donation for Teachers $40




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